• Jonathan Morgan Jenkins
    Jonathan Morgan Jenkins, Vocal Trainer, Video Producer, Internet Marketing Expert
    I have trained hundreds of voices in private and group settings over the last 26 years. My Video Production Company has helped multiple companies create online success and helped famlies capture special memories. Toastmasters offers me a place to fine-tune my public speaking skills in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. As a club officer, I was also able to have an opportunity to serve others which is the true foundation for any degree of success.
  • Terry Mccann, Coastmasters
    Terry McCann, Former Executive Director of Toastmasters International
    In 1960, returning from the Olympics where I won a gold medal in wrestling, I received numerous speaking invitations. After accepting a few, I found I lacked the skill to hold an audience. A friend, learning of my problem, invited me to join his Toastmasters Club. I joined, and the problem was solved. I soon learned how to address an audience and motivate them to act on my words. Toastmasters did it!
  • David DuRee
    David Duree, Club Treasurer 2013, Past Club President I came to Toastmasters kicking and screaming at the strong urging of my employer. Now, twenty years later, I look forward to the meetings each week. The skills that I have learned are helpful in many areas of my life. The Toastmaster program builds your confidence as it improves your communication skills. The supportive atmosphere of our club makes for a comfortable and safe environment to challenge yourself as never before. Contact: Preferred Solutions 949.496.9610
  • Dr-Shapero.jpg
    Dr. Bradley Shapero, Chiropractor/Entrepreneur
    My experience as a member of our local chapter and having served various capacities within the club and local district has been quite valuable. This platform allows for great growth in communications skills and interaction with diverse groups of people. I highly recommend this for both young and mature ages as well as everyone in between. We never know how far reaching an effect we can have on our fellow man.