Greetings Coastmasters,

This week’s meeting was led by the venerable Linda Denton, as she shared her theme of ‘Living to tell the tale’. All of us face scary, sometimes death-defying moments, and they often come to define our world view. This was our theme this week, as we faced our fears of public speaking together…

Table Topics this week was led by Lisa Williams, who offered provoking questions that made us all take stock of the important things in life and the lessons we’ve garnered. For his sing-a-long reply, charm and gravitas, Gary Edkins was awarded best Table Topics.

Our three speakers for this week were Dixon Kavanaugh, Alexander Warner and Brad Smith. Dixon shared his Icebreaker speech, and through the cavalier moments of his youth, his gratitude for being alive. Alexander gave us a character profile on Atticus Finch, and why he is a great mentor. Brad gave us his convincing argument about why baseball should be struck out as the national pastime, and replaced by the ‘world game’ of soccer. Through his persuasive arguments, Brad kicked the winning goal and won the trophy for Best Speaker.

Our evaluators this week were Chuck Schwartz, CW Gruenig and Fiona Smith. All gave insightful feedback to help our speakers improve, and Fiona won Best Evaluator for her valuable appraisal.


This weekend I will be competing in the Division F International Speech contest, in the morning, and the Division G International Speech contest will also be held in the afternoon. It is an opportunity for everyone to see some high quality speeches and to experience competitive speaking. Come along if you can, to support me and the other speakers too as we aim to reach the District contest.

Have a wonderful week, and looking forward to see you all again next meeting,

Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President