Greetings Coastmasters,

Today’s meeting was running by the well prepared, well dressed, well poised Dixon Kavanaugh, who did an amazing job for his first time as Toastmaster. His theme was Resonance, and how this concept can play out in our everyday lives.

Table Topics today were led by Linda Denton who gave us some mind-bending questions to answer. For his sonorous display of verbose talent, Leonard Szymczak won Best Table Topics.

Our speakers today were Paul Benavidez, Michael Beeuwsaert, and CW Gruenig. Paul shared his best tactics for thriving in the small business world. Michael gave us some amazing news from the world of humanoid replacement, and CW shared the workings of his role as VP of Membership. For a great job (at the last minute no less) well done, Paul won himself the title of Best Speaker of the week.

Our three evaluators today were Brad Smith, Leonard Szymczak and Paul Benavidez (stepping up yet again last minute). All three gave great ideas to improve, and Leonard won Best Evaluator to take home the double gold this week.

This Saturday March 29th, Leonard and Dr Brad Shapiro will compete in the Area G1-G2 International Speech and Table Topics contest. The contest is a great chance to see the wider world of Toastmasters speaking talent, so come along and support the Coasties as they aim for Area G2 domination!

Till next week, stay resonant!

Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President