Greetings fellow Coastmasters,

This week our club held our annual International Speech & Table Topics contest. Our contest master for the day was Heather Estus, who kept the show on the road, and all our speakers performing at their best.

First we had the International Speech contest with five contestants: Paul Benavidez, Amir Farahani, Leonard Szymczak, Ryan Foland, Alexander Warner.  Each speaker brought their A Game to the contest, and the results for the day were:

1st Place: Leonard
2nd Place: Ryan
3rd Place: Alexander


Next we held our Table Topics contest with Summer Byers as our contest master. Our five contestants were: Fiona Smith, Chuck Schwartz, Linda Denton, Michael Hoffman, Dr Brad Shapiro. Answering a question off the cuff in front of a live audience is a huge challenge, especially in a contest, and our results for the contest today were:

1st Place: Dr Brad
2nd Place: Michael
3rd Place: Linda


Congratulations to all our speakers, it takes a lot of work and courage to get up and compete, and I want to acknowledge the time and energy you put into your speeches.

Leonard and Dr Brad will now go on to represent our club at the Area G1-G2 contest on March 29th. Be sure to come along to the contest and support our Coasties as they challenge themselves and the competition.

Finally, a big thank you to Linda Swift, Lisa Williams, Michele Reed, Geri Haner-Nelms, Iriving Katz, Chuck Schwartz and everyone who acted as a judge. Your efforts helped make our contest a huge success.

See you all next week!

Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President