Greetings fellow Coastmasters,

Our Toastmaster for today’s meeting was Lisa Carrell who shared her theme of Friendship, and how the bonds we have in our lives make such a difference. She led the meeting with focus and finesse and kept us moving forward.

Table Topics today was led by Leonard Szymczak, with his deep questions, and sonorous voice tones, he brought out the best in all of us as we spoke off the cuff. Though there were many excellent stories today, Dixon Kavanaugh snared the award for Best Table Topics.

Our three speakers today were Michael Beeuwsaert, Ryan Foland and CW Gruening. Michael gave his Icebreaker speech, sharing his experience as an incurable entrepreneur. Ryan also shared his insights on being an entrepreneur, and three important questions with one important answer. And finally, CW Gruenig gave us some insights into mentoring within our club, and how a mentor can make a big difference in our development as a speaker. For doing such an excellent job sharing on an important topic, CW was awarded best speaker.

Our three evaluators today were Linda Swift, Michele Reed and myself. Each of us did our best to bring out the best in our speakers, with feedback and encouragement. I was honored to be awarded Best Evaluator for the day.


In upcoming weeks we will have our International Speech and Table Topics contest on March 20th. We already have a few brave members who have signed up to show their talents and stretch their comfort zones. If you have an interest in competing, please be sure to sign up next week for a chance to represent our club at the Area level and beyond.

Thanks to all who attended and shared today, it is wonderful to have such a great group of friends who we can all grow alongside of.

Have a great week, and remember to phone a friend to say hello :)

Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President