Greetings Coastmasters,

Today’s Toastmaster was another brave first timer, Brad Smith, who led our meeting with expert precision and calm, and delivered a great deal of insightful information along the way. His theme was The Power of Habit, talking about how much of what we do is tied to routine, and how it builds us up, and helps us become more successful.

Table Topics today were valiantly commandeered by Chuck Schwartz, who literally pulled a bunch of cyptic questions out of his pocket. His clever puns and witty one liners got us all thinking, and also enabled Lisa Carrell to come up with some excellent quips of her own, which saw her rewarded with Best Table Topics.

The speeches today were by Alexander Warner, Brenda Johnson, and Michael Whelan. Alexander gave his Icebreaker speech, sharing his love of books and the triumph over adversity that has been part of his life so far. Alexander, we commend you for standing up and making such an amazing effort for your first time! Brenda Johnson followed on with her talk about perspectives, and the ways humans see the world completely differently. Finally we heard from Dr Michael Whelan who gave us Part Two of his cliffhanger speech from several week back, along with a hands-on demo of Network Spinal Analaysis. For her growing confidence and finesse at the lecturn, Brenda was awarded Best Speaker.

Our evaluators today were Don Benton, Ryan Foland, and Linda Swift. All three served up a healthy portion of feedback that each of the speakers could use to their advantage. For her quality insights, and graceful speaking style, Linda Swift was awarded Best Evaluator.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so let me be the first to spread the love and gratitude to everyone who is a part of our wonderful club. Each persons energy and contribution is what keeps us growing and thriving as a group.

Have a great weekend, and see you all next week!

Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President