Greetings fellow Coastmasters,

This week’s meeting was led by one of our bravest new members John Odland, as he took control of the group in the role of Toastmaster. His theme for the week was Living Life on Purpose. He encouraged us to stay focused on, and live our lives in alignment with what really mattered to us.

Table Topics today was hosted by CW Gruenig who used the theme of quotes from Mother Theresa to get us all thinking on our feet. For his clever insights, and excellent vocal projection Dixon Kavanaugh was awarded Best Table Topics.Our three speeches today were by Ryan Foland, myself and Linda Denton. Ryan shared with us the very important reasons NOT to text and drive, and the consequences of not paying attention. I shared some insights on overcoming fears in speaking, that have helped me grow as a speaker. And Linda gave an impromptu speech (Go Linda!) about her humorous experiences going through airport security. For his acrobatic, intelligent delivery, Ryan was awarded Best Speaker.

Out three Evaluators today were Leonard Szymczak, Brenda Johnson, and Michele Reed who all shared their wisdom and experience as speakers, to give us all ways to improve. For his equally acrobatic performance and great feedback, Leonard was awarded Best Evaluator.


That’s all for this week’s report. Each week we are blessed to have so many positive, encouraging, inspiring people as a part of our group, and I personally am very grateful for the experience to be a part of the Coastmasters crew! Thanks to everyone who makes it so special.

Have a wonderful week, and remember as Don Benton told us today, go eat some pizza!

Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President