Happy New Year Coasties!

Our first meeting of the year kicked off today, with Michele Reed acting as Toastmaster. She gave us the theme of New Beginnings and encouraged us all to start fresh, and dream up a better year ahead, starting today!

Table Topics was led by Fiona Smith, with a selection of thought provoking quotes, and many of our members gave inspiring thoughts to help get the year started on the right path. For his inspiration and willingness to get out of his comfort zone, Greg White won best Table Topics.

Our three speakers today were led by Paul Benavidez doing his Icebreaker speech about his journey as a martial artist and entrepreneur. Next we heard from Ryan Foland about the wrestler’s guide to cold calling. And finally from Chuck Schwartz, who shared another cryptic story about Banana Cream Pies, Sherpas, and living a life less ordinary. For keeping us in a mental headlock, Ryan was awarded Best Speaker.

Our evaluations today were by Michael Whelan, Guy Knuf, and Linda Denton. All three did an excellent job, and Guy was awarded Best Evaluator.


As mentioned at the meeting, here is an excellent NY Times article shared by Greg White about the experience of joining Toastmasters to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Also remember that Lance Miller will be speaking on Thursday January 23rd, about how to How to Become a Champion Speaker. I will also be speaking at the event and being evaluated by Lance, so please come along if you can to support me, and most importantly to see a World Champion speaker in action!

Thanks to the 2014 Executive Council team for contributing your time and effort into making our club such a success. Your 2014 team is Michele Reed, CW Gruenig, Linda Swift, Brenda Johnson, Dave DuRee, Chuck Schwartz and yours truly. We are all excited to share the Coastmasters journey with you as you become a better speaker.

See you all next week!

Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President