Greetings fellow Coastmasters,

This weeks meeting was led by the eminently humble little ole me, aka Daniel Midson-Short, aka ‘The Aussie’. As it’s the week before the actual date, I decided that we should celebrate Thanksgiving as our meeting theme.

Our Table Topics master today was Chuck Schwartz, who handled the role at short notice, as Brad Smith was feeling unwell. Although he couldn’t make the meeting Brad did write some excellent questions, which we are thankful for! Fiona Smith won best Table Topics for her rally to increase the holidays to 4 weeks a year just like in ye olde England!

Our speakers today were Louis D’Angelo and Linda Denton. Louis gave us a history of his career and life, as well as some of the motivational challenges he faces each day. Linda shared the story of a friend picking out a pet, and some interesting experiences along the way. For her humor and ability to create memorable moments, Linda won best speaker.

Our Evaluators today were Fiona Smith and Leonard Szyczmak, who both shared great ideas and insights to help us improve. Fiona was awarded best Evaluator, making her a double winner this week.


Please remember: Next week is Thanksgiving Day, so we will not be meeting again until December 5th.

In the meantime, get yourself ready for our Coastmasters Christmas event, which will be hosted by Michael Whelan and family at their home on Saturday December 14th from 4-8pm. We will be organizing food, and entertainment for the event, so please let us know what you can bring along if you plan to attend. We will have a signup sheet available next meeting for you to add to.

Here’s to being thankful for being part of such a great group, and all the blessings we have as a part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President