Greetings Coasties,

This week’s meeting was full of intrigue as we were led by Brenda Johnson, our Toastmaster, who shared the theme of Superstitions. She taught us all how to knock on wood, throw salt, be scared of the number 13, and avoid black cats.

Our Table Topics was a led by Fiona Smith who brought us a box goodies to choose from. Some of the items included a can of Unicorn meat, a Darth Vader Pez dispenser and a toy shark. Best Table Topics went to our guest Ryan, with his story about Catalina Island goats only traveling one way around the mountain. Way to go Ryan!

Our speeches today were from three talented, wise men. Edward Daoud gave us a thought provoking message about the value of our time and how can confused it with money. Brad Smith shared some tips for how to do better at sales, even when you don’t want to be selling, and Greg (Wise) White shared his motivations for being a member of Coastmasters. Greg was awarded Best Speaker for his excellent talk, and easy grace up on the stage. You rock, Greg!

Our evaluators were Kathy Dallaire, Leonard Szymczak and  Gwen Earle who all shared some excellent points to remember about improving our speaking skills. Kathy was awarded best Evaluator for her efforts. Great job Kathy.

This Saturday, our past President and speaker extraordinaire Leonard Szymczak will be competing in the Division G Tall Tales contest in Irvine. The Coasties will be there to support him as he shares his talents with the crowd.

Here is a link to the details about the Division contest:

Till next week, remember not to walk under any ladders or break any mirrors.

Daniel Midson-Short

Coastmasters Club President