Greetings fellow Coastmasters,Yesterday’s Tall Tales and Evaluation contest was expertly handled by our contest master James Fullenkamp.

We had three excellent speakers sharing their own versions of the truth. Chuck Schwartz shared his story of the Moose who took over the town, I shared my tale of How I Got From there to Here, and Leonard Szymczak  shared the secrets of the World Champions of Public Talking.

We also had a special guest speaker, Eva Crabbs giving us a great sample speech about the benefits of being a Toastmasters and how she has used the skills outside the club in her life.

Our Evaluations contest had four contestants, Michele Reed, CW Gruenig, Dr Brad Shapiro and Greg White. All gave good feedback to Eva, and Michele was awarded the winners banner for her efforts.

Leonard and Michele will be representing our club at the Area G1-G2 Contest on Saturday October 12th. If you can make the date, please visit this facebook link for the contest details:

Thanks also to Linda Denton for her efforts in running the event and managing the paperwork for the contest. We greatly appreciate your efforts to guide our clubs development, and keep us on track!

Next meeting we will resume regular format, so please join us next Thursday for more Coastmasters fun!


Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President