Greetings fellow Coastmasters.

Thanks to everyone who came along today to our special ‘Elevator Pitch’ themed meeting. Our Toastmaster Dave DuRee suggested the idea several weeks back, and everybody there today enjoyed the process of sharing a little about what they do.

Dave also delivered a great refresher of what the Toastmasters is about, and the two tracks of Communication and Leadership. It was an excellent reminder that we can gain credit even for simple things like welcoming a guest or counting votes.

Each member of the club was then invited to share a 2 minute overview of their business and career, and each person had their own unique story to tell. Special thanks to everyone who gave feedback and ideas on how to improve at the end of the session. There was a consensus that we should definitely do another event like this soon.

Thanks also to Chuck Schwartz for organizing our summer event last weekend at Salt Creek Beach. We are grateful to Fiona Smith for going down early to secure the tables. Everyone who came along brought some delicious food, and it was wonderful to spend some time together socializing in the sunshine.

Check out some photos from the event here.


Remember our Tall Tales and Evaluation contest is now fast approaching on October 3rd. James Fullenkamp is our contest master, and we will hear from several excellent Coasties who will be competing on the day to go and represent our club at the Area, Division and District levels.

Until next week, remember to share what you do with pride!


Daniel Midson-Short
Club President 2013-2014
Coastmasters # 6658