Greetings fellow Coastmasters,

Taking on the role of Toastmaster this morning was my honor and privelege. Thank you for letting me indulge my childhood love of Back to the Future, and subject everyone to Huey Lewis & The News (it’s still hip to be square). It was also fun to listen to everyone try to use the word ‘Jiggawatt’!

Out table topics today became an impromptu improv session in the capable hands of Michele Reed. She encouraged us to stand up and say yes, and add our own story to the previous speaker. Greg White was awarded Best Table Topics for his story about a flying billabong, a didgeridoo, Ayers Rock and Fosters.

Our speakers today gave us some great inspiration and education. CW Gruenig gave us a pep-talk inspired by his 1994 store opening, and we all gave him tricky questions to answer. Fiona Smith taught us about the rules and regulations about our pet food. She helped us to navigate the Label Labyrinth. CW was able to inspire us suitably to take the prize today for Best Speaker.

Out two evaluators Leonard Szymczak and Tracey Fullenkamp provided strong, encouraging feedback to our speakers and both we worthy of the award. Leonard managed to take the title of Best Evaluator for the week.


Our Tall Tales & Evaluations Speech Contest is coming up on October 3rd, so be sure to be there if you want to hear a bunch of our members stretching the truth.

We also have our Summer Event coming up this weekend on Saturday Sept 7th, from 11am-2pm at Salt Creek Beach. Remember to add your name to signup sheet for what you plan to bring along.

And finally, Jonathan Jenkins has invited us all to his home on the evening of September 7th for a social mixer and vocal training. If you can make the date, please click the link for more info:

Until next week, be sure to rev it up to 88 miles and hour and get back to the present!


Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President