Greetings fellow Super-Coasties,

Today’s meeting started with a healthy dose of ‘Shazzam’! As we all proudly wore our lightning bolt headwear, Chuck Schwartz, our esteemed Toastmaster gave us a zap of excitement about the meeting ahead.

Our table topics today were handled expertly by Lisa Carrell, who gave us all a chance to reveal our secret identity’s and super-powers. Carter Lee won us all over with his evil laugh that boomed across the room (and probably across the harbor).

Our two super-hero speakers today were James Fullenkamp, with his counter-intuitive advice about investing. We all learned how to think outside the box, and to dive off the cliff at the right time! Linda Denton gave us an excellent overview of how to run a Speech Contest, which is a great opportunity to lead the club in a fun event. In the end, James took out best speech for his stellar advice.

Our evaluators today Joan Weisman and Jonathan Jenkins both helped our speakers with some insightful feedback, and Joan was awarded Best Evaluator.


Our Tall Tales & Evaluations Speech Contest is coming up on October 3rd, so be sure to mark the date if you want to hear a bunch of our members telling lies!

We also have our Summer Event coming up on Sept 7th, from 11am-2pm at Salt Creek Beach. Remember to add your name to signup sheet for what you plan to bring along.

And finally, Jonathan Jenkins has invited us all to his home on the evening of September 7th for a social mixer and vocal training. His expertise are very valuable, so if you can make the date, please click the link for more info:

That’s all for this week, until next time, remember it’s OK to wear your underwear on the outside!


Daniel Midson-Short
Coastmasters Club President