Greetings Coastmasters,

This week’s update comes from our esteemed Sergeant-At-Arms, Chuck Schwartz, who is acting as our press correspondent, in order to achieve his Competent Leader award.

Here’s the latest from, our report in the field, Chuck:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“We had another phenomenal meeting with C.W. leading us in UR! Y? and he even gave blood for his role.

We had insightful table topics from the incredible Sonja Varese and three outstanding speeches from Lisa Carrel, Daniel Midson-Short and Joan Weisman.  Judging who was best was, indeed, a challenge.

We had a couple of great evaluations by myself, Leonard Szymczak and Gwen Earle who were so intent on helping the speakers that they went overtime, leaving myself to humbly accept the honors.

The days winners were: Dave Duree for table topics, Chuck for logorrhea, and Joan Weisman for best speaker”


Thanks for the update Chuck! See you all next week, and remember that we have our Summer Event on Sept 7th from 11am -1pm at Salt Creek Beach. The signup sheet will be going around next week for what dish you can bring to share with the group.

Have a great weekend,

Chuck Schwartz – Sgt at Arms
Daniel Midson-Short – Club President
(your reporters in the field)