Dear fellow Coasties,

Today marked my first official meeting as Club President for 2013-2014. I am honored to step into the shoes of all the past Presidents, and move the club forward to higher levels of success.

As always, our meeting today featured a stellar lineup of speakers, starting with our Toastmaster of the day, CW Gruenig

CW set the meeting’s theme as ‘CANI’ which stands for ‘Constant And Never-Ending Improvement’. He encouraged us to follow in the foot steps of Tony Robbins and W. Edwards Demming by using the principle of Kaizen (a japanese word meaning ‘Good Change’). 

Our table topics today was led by Brad Smith, who got us all thinking on our feet about the ways we have changed and improved over the years. Leonard Szymczak managed to snare the Best Table Topics award for his advice to his inner child ‘Lenny’.

We had three exemplary speakers, starting with Fiona Smith, who gave us some ‘neurological nutrition’ on the subject of napping. Despite encouraging us to fall asleep, we were all kept awake by her excellent delivery.

Greg White then shared with us the torrid tale of his younger sister, her wild younger years and the duty he served as the responsible big brother. Greg’s speaking skills are clearly growing each time he steps up to the lecturn, and he won Best Speech as a result.












Lastly, we were privileged to have a visit from our Division G Governor, Gwen Earle, who shared with us the state of Division G. We are lucky enough to have several ‘Coasties’ who work on the Division G council with Gwen, and she is a true inspiration to us all for all her hard work and commitment to the Toastmasters organization.

Finally today, our club as a part of Division G was also given a $50 gift certificate as being part of the success of Division G reaching President’s Distinguished. Gwen, we promise to spend it wisely!

That’s it for this week. Until next week, remember to Actualize!

Daniel Midson-Short
Club President 2013-2014
Coastmasters Toastmasters Club # 6658