Greetings Coasties!

Usually our esteemed President sends out the weekly review, but as he is away, I will do my best to replicate his stylized reviews…

By order of our Toastmaster today, Michele Stephan, we officially had ‘No Theme’ as our motif, helping us to recognize the importance of having a theme each week.

And then of course, we had a crash course in Improv courtesy of CW’s Table Topics. All of us got outside our comfort zones and had some laughs! John stole the day with his date request for Brenda, and even though he got turned down, he still won Best Table Topics.

The speeches today were of the usual Grade A quality. Chuck enthralled us with yet another vernacular spectacular, showing us why Tofu is better than Kung Fu. Kathleen was brave enough to volunteer and deliver an impromptu speech on the importance of gratitude. Kathleen, thank you SO much for sharing your message. You deserved your award as best speaker!

Kimson and Michael did an awesome job sharing some feedback. This was Kimson’s first go at being a speech evaluator, and he came through with the goods. Michael snatched the Best Evaluator award, while also being the best Ah Counter!








Finally, in Leonard’s absence, Linda Denton did a superb job as acting President, keeping us all together and focused as a group. Thank you Linda for your leadership and efforts to guide our club’s development!

Till next week, remember to wax on, wax off!

Daniel Midson-Short