Daniel Midson-Short as Toastmaster astutely guided the group using the theme of feedback. Great job, Daniel. Michele Stephan then stepped in with Table Topics on the same theme using props along the way. You rocked, Michele.
We had three wonderful speeches by Lisa Carrell (icebreaker without notes!), Joan (sharing love with us!) and Kimson (carrying on as if he didn’t need the powerpoint presentation!). I learn so much each Thursday about topics and the speakers.
And the winners:
Best Speech – Kimson
Best Table Topics – Lisa Blaisdell (Who joined the club today – WELCOME!)
Best Evaluator – Leonard
Congratulations and High Fives:
Michele Stephan completed her CC Manual
CDub completed his CL manual
Linda Denton who completed her CL Manual
The Slate for the Next Executive Council will be presented this month and voted on by the members. We still need someone to fill the position of Sergeant At Arms. Chuck Schwartz, who once held the position said he would help out. So if anyone would like to step into a leadership position and take over from Michele as Sergeant At Arms, please let me know. The duties include setting up and taking down the meeting (though all members help with this) and calling the meeting to order.
Have a phenomenal day,

 Leonard Szymczak, ACG, CL

 Coastmasters Club #6658