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I am sending everyone a cheerful note to recap today’s meeting. Our Toastmaster, Chuck Schwartz, cheerfully steered us through the meeting with some very interesting cheers. Lisa Carrell had us remember cheerful moments during Table Topics. Three cheers to Chuck and Lisa!
The speakers: Kimson highlighted the significance of body language (our feet never lie); Gwen set up a TV press conference to extol the virtues of turning toilet water into tap water; and Jonathan brought us up to date on our spectacular website and cheered us on to make better use of it.
The winners:
 weeks winners

Best Table Topics – Dave

Best Speaker – Kimson
Best Evaluator – No one was timely.
Best Cartoon creator – Daniel
Congratulations to the new Madam Division G Governor, Gwen Earle. You continue to make us proud!
On May 23rd Jonathan will be filming speeches and film testimonials from members for a new video of our new location.
We will not have a meeting on May 30th because of the boat show.
Cheering everyone onward. Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Leonard Szymczak, ACG, CL

Coastmasters Club #6658