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Today we had a full house with 24 attendees for the special Terry McCann event. Terry’s wife, Lucille, attended as our special guest to commemorate the award given in Terry’s honor. She was impressed by the growth of our club and said that it would have made Terry proud.

Indeed, I am proud of our club for we are a “Team of Champions” committed to improving our communication and leadership. I want to recognize the previous Terry McCann winners: Dave DuRee, Dan Magallon, Colby McFadden, Marla Lund, Jonathan Morgan Jenkins, and Gwen Earle. Thank you for proudly serving our club and the community.

I also want to recognize the wonderful nominees: Linda Denton, Chuck Schwartz, CDub Gruening, Joan Weisman, and Michele Stephan. In my eyes you are all Terry McCann Champions.

And to the runner up, Tracey Nicholson, I say, congratulations for inspiring me and the members of the club. As I mentioned to you during the meeting, your willingness to put yourself out there, heart and soul, pushed me to be a better person. In my mind, you are a Terry McCann winner!



Leonard with the Terry McCann CertificateGwen as Toastmaster, Terry McCann Committee Representative, and Area GovernorTracey with the Terry McCann Runner-up Certificate
AND we had an incredible meeting with Gwen as the Amazing Toastmaster, providing food and drinks, and orchestrating the event.  Joan masterly used Table Topics Master to prompt members to answer poignant questions about leadership. Thank you both!
Three vary different speeches were given by Dan, Tracey, and myself. Dan made us laugh as he talked about L>R then xy = :); Tracey made us cry as she told us about the legacy of her father who was a king without a crown; and I encouraged everyone to saddle up and ride with a team of champions.
We have an incredible club of which I am very proud. Thank you for being my team of champions.
And the Winners:

Best Speech – Tracey
Best Evaluator – CDub
Best Table Topics – Dave
See you next week. Giddy-up!
Leonard Szymczak, ACG, CL

Coastmasters Club #6658