Tracey Nicholson and Gwen Earle (standing on either side of Lucille McCann) were our nominees for the Terry McCann Award. Both were Terry McCann worthy because they walked the talk of consistent leadership, spoke from the head and heart, and communicated their love with the club and the community. Thank you both for being an integral part of our club.

Special congratulations go to Gwen Earle for receiving the 2012 Terry McCann Award.

Gwen joins the illustrious group of previous Coastmaster recipients – Dave Duree, Marla Lund, Colby McFadden, Dan Magallon, and Jonathan Morgan Jenkins. Gwen, like the previous winners, has dedicated herself to excellence and to taking our club to a higher level.  You make us proud!

Today’s fun, inspirational, and heart warming meeting couldn’t have been done without the magic of the leprechaun, Dan Magallon, as the whimsical Toasmaster. Thank you for bringing fun and laughter to our meeting. Dan was assisted by his namesake, Dan, the Irish/Australian Table Topics Master, AKA Daniel Midson-Short. We were all green with envy at the cleverness of your questions. Good on ya!

Lucille McCann and Marla Lund joined us to help make today’s festivities a glorious celebration. There were 26 people in attendance! What a club!

And what about those amazing speeches! Colby McFadden, Tracey Nicholson, and Gwen Earle regaled us with words of wisdom. My take aways: Mastery involves education, practice, loving what we do, and surrender; Leadership is about consistently showing up; and great speakers talk from the head and the heart.

Today’s winners:

Best Table Topics: Michele Stephan

Best Evaluator: Kim Barnett

Best Speech: Gwen Earle

Next week is the club’s Spring contest for Table Topics and Speeches. The winners move on to The Area G1 and G2 speakers in Mission Viejo on March 31. Mark the calendar!

See you for another rocking meeting next Thursday!

Leonard Szymczak

Club President