Our numbers are growing!

We had 27 people at our club today which included 5 visitors. The energy was bouncing off the ceiling! Cdub set the theme, “Women: the rightful need for honor and equality.” Way to go, Cdub! Not missing a beat, Kim Barnett creatively wove the theme into our table topics. What a woman!

We had three inspiring speeches by Dave Edmiston, Daniel Midson-Short, and Linda Denton. Their messages were clear. We can do anything we want. Believe in yourself. Don’t compete but create and do only what matters. Find out what’s special about yourself. The group was clearly enthralled by the caliber of the talks.

And the winners were:

Best Table Topics – Tracey Nicholson

Best Evaluator – Gwen Earle

Best Speech – Daniel Midson-Short

Next week is the Terry McCann award. One of our two amazing nominees, Gwen Earle and Tracey Nicholson will be announced as the winner at the meeting. Mark your calendar!

The contest for Table Topics and best speech is March 29. Entering a contest will take your speaking skills to another level. We are really competing with ourselves  to stretch out of our comfort zone. The winners will advance to the area contest on March 31 at the Mission Viejo Swim and Racket Club. Take the leap and sign up. 

The world wants to hear your voice!

See you bright and early at the Jolly Roger!

Leonard Szymczak

Club President