Dr. Bradley Shapero, a wellness doctor and chiropractor, has been serving the communities of South Orange County for over 20 years in the field of Chiropractic and Therapeutic Lifestyle

Changes.  He is active in the community and specializes in all aspects of Family Health Care with an emphasis on children and anti-aging.  Outside his busy practice Dr. Shapero volunteers for the Foundations of Wellness Professionals for which he presents regular educational workshops to the community on various topics that he specializes in; among the specialties he speaks on are Anti-aging, Balancing Hormones Naturally, Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss, The Three Solutions to Health, Corporate Wellness and ADHD as well as many others.

His intention is to give you up-to-date information you can use today to create a healthier tomorrow.

Sincerely in Health,

Dr.Bradley Shapero
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