Jonathan is the webmaster and chief videographer of the Coastmasters website. With a BA in Education with teaching credentials, Jonathan’s professional goals…

have always landed him in jobs where he can help others to achieve their goals through education. His first area of expertise is private Vocal Training for Singers, Public Speakers and Actors. His second is the implementation of custom marketing plans for existing Websites using the proven strategies of Search Engine Optimization and the creation of external Popularity Links. Jonathan owns and maintains three websites for his businesses. Private Vocal Training for Singers, Public Speakers and Actors. Sales of Popular International Ebook on Vocal Training, “Singing and Speaking on the Edge of a Grunt”. Sales and training of Home Recording Studio Equipment. Voice Over Recording and Production. Production of Audio Recording Demos. Complete Video Production services for YouTube videos to help people promote their Music or Business on the Internet.


Phone: (949)842-9351